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Testament of the Rabbit, 22 minutes, 16mm, Color,

“While this provocative film purposefully lacks narrative handles, its spellbinding techniques and fearless imagery are riveting.  Ostensibly,  “Testament” is a paternal reflection on fatherhood, but it is much more than that.  Lyman anchors his soaring imagination  by using a train in the British Isles as a leitmotif.  Although the primary theme is the family, the overall impression created by a series of repetitive images is of man’s mortality.  In many ways, the best experimental films resist language in much the same way language defies pictorialization.  …If James Joyce had had ever made a film, it might be very much like Theodore Lyman’s extraordinarily courageous “Testament of the Rabbit”.  - Micheal Blowen, film critic, Boston Globe.


“…It is an evocative film that patiently draws the viewer into its world.  Both beautifully shot and structured. TESTAMENT takes huge risks and emerges successful on both an emotional and intellectual level.  This is what independent filmmaking is all about.”  -Program, Bucks County Independent Film Fest Tour


Testament of the Rabbit

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