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Fla.Me., 16mm, 25 minutes, Color, Sound

 A film based on a comparison between two locations in Florida, and Maine. It is about remembrance, a subject it treats through the chronicling of events and the development of a idiosyncratic way of seeing. The audience is given the sense of viewing these places through the filter of time and the properties of a particular mind's eye. Original scenes are used much as an Impressionist uses a landscape: visual elements are emphasized using film techniques such as animation and optical printing, and the slow rhythms and random nature of recall are evoked through sound and structure. –Ted Lyman


“Nature isn’t rendered here with the picture-postcard prettiness of a National Geographic special.  Instead, it looks familiar, yet strange, beautiful, yet unrecognizably private.  It’s nature seen not in a documentary fashion but in a visionary one.” – Girish Shamu, Artvoice


“ Technically excellent. It kept a wonderful interior vision … I loved it.  Some of the most satisfactory images of the ocean I’ve seen.” -Barry Gerson, filmmaker, Judge, New England Film/Video Festival 



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